I've been trying to decide which Strat I should buy as an all-purpose guitar, and I find the Koa Strat to be absolutely beautiful. Other than the Koa finish, what else is different about this strat from a standard? Is there a tonal difference? I'm in the price range of about $300-$800.
I think koa is tonally similiar to mahogany, a little brighter, but without losing that warmth of the mahogany. I personally think Koa is tonally superior, and definiltey looks better IMO. Most standard strats are alder or ash, which would probably be a brighter sounding wood. What kind of music do you play, that might determine whether you want that brighter sound.
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I play classic rock, hard rock, metal (i mostly play metal on my 7-string), and experimental stuff. Yeah the koa looks amazing.
yeah, I think it should work fine IMO. If you were looking for more of the "twangy" blues sound, I would say stick with the brighter woods and single coils. Does it come with humbuckers?
"The fool doth think he is wise, but the wiseman knows himself to be a fool." - W.S.
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Actually the koa strat comes equiped with seymour duncan alnico II pickups. They look like they are single coils, but they are actually all humbuckers. I definitely think this is a great buy.
Mmm, thought so. Think I saw one a while back in a catalog, but haven't seen it since.
Those Koa Fenders are not solid koa. It's just a basswood body with a thin koa veneer. A veneer won't affect the sound much, if at all.
but basswood is somewaht tonaly similar, nto quite as bright tho but still really mellow, one of my favorites

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