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If you were about to die, but you could play one song before you died, either for people to remember you by, or just for the heck of it... What song would you play? Even if it's a song to hard for you to play.. what song would you play before you died?

Edit: Also.. If there is a specific reason for the song, do tell.
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Working for the Weekend- Loverboy

seriously though, probably Exit Music (For A Film) by Radiohead. Great song.
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Meddle by Pink Floyd. MUAHAHAHAHAHA
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Woman tone, eh?

Wish You Were Here I guess, to be all dramatic. But if I had the time to play a 4 minute song, I'd sure as hell rather spend those 4 minutes trying to save my life.
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a song i made up. its just that sort of song.

or the leaving song pt 2 by afi. just to be a real prick about it.
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green day- good riddance
first song i ever learnt.
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To bid you Farewell- Opeth.
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Monty Python - Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
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In my life - the beatles
Tears in waves, minds on fire
Nights alone by your side
You say that I could play anything? Whether it was beyond my ability or not?
Well then, I'd crank up the volume of my amp, till its maxed out, and I'd play "Flight of the Bumblebee" for a whole ten minutes straight, but at a tempo thats 5 - 10 times faster than Petrucci. I'd hope that it was so loud that the son of a bitch himself would hear it, and know that there is someone out there, who rocks more than him. o_o
Yeah, and then I'd pretty much die. =/
I'd play one of my songs because no other lyrics would mean as much as the ones i wrote.
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Patience by GNR. Mainly because I feel like it.
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Either memory lane or miss misery by Elliott Smith
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In da gadda da vidda... just because while i'm playing it I could figure out how to save my life...

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hmmm.... I might play the extended version of frail by jars of clay.. it's like a half hour...
There's some pavane that I would play if it was an acoustic song... I don't remember the exact name, but the melody has stuck with me and I have been trying to reconstruct it for acoustic.
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comfortably numb by pink floyd or let it rain by eric clapton. those songs just makes me relaxed and care free. good feeling if your gonna go.
The Quiet Things no one ever knows by brand new...or
Whats my age again by Blink 182...

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Good Ridance - Green Day [/jk] Yeah right.

Probaly One way ticket - The Darkness
Or Stairway to Hell
Depending on where I feel I was going, lol.
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This Time Imperfect by AFI. However, as I would soon be dying, my main priority would be having one last round of sex .
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if ur going to play some american idiot stuff heres the settings:

Master Volume : 0
i dunno about the rest
Stairway to Heaven
Tears in heaven

South of Heaven
Highway to Hell
Hit the lights
Fade to Black
Nothing Else matters
Evil Eye
something deep and slow like
bad timing -blue rodeo
a hard rains a gonna fall- bob dylan
stand by me - b.b king
american pie - don mclean
imagine- john lennon
u know somthing like those as a fairwell would be good
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Let It Be - The Beatles
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if i had the choice i would play, "When The Man Comes Around" by Johnny Cash
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if i had the choice i would play, "When The Man Comes Around" by Johnny Cash

Me too
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