For most strat players the bridge saddles start from the bass strings and work there way closer as they get to the higher strings. now for those who have seen eric johnson play desert rose on the crossroads music festival dvd, might have noticed that eric johnson puts his bass strings saddles closer to the neck and get closer to the bridge as he gets to the higher strings, opposite then most people have. Does this effect the sound in any way or does it even make a difference in anything.
are you talking about the height/action or how far they are, changing the actual distance of the string?

if its the second one then its because they saddles are there to set the intonation (to make sure that all the frets high up on the neck are not out of tune). A variety of factors can effect it, mostly the tuning you're using and the gauge of strings. It varies from guitar to guitar and is jsut one of those things you have to set up.
Yeah i know what intonatin is and how to set it, i just didnt know if he gained anything from reversing his saddles around. Yeah his ears are to good for his own good.
My saddles dont go in any order...each one is independently placed to try to get as close to perfect for that string as possible.
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alright yeah. I was thinking maybe the bass strings are closer to the neck, because i would think the smaller the space between the nut and the bridge the more tension there would be giving its a smaller string space, by making the treble strings farther from the nut it let some tension off to maybe relieve stress and not break as many strings or something stupid like that.
Do you understand that you move the saddles to intonate the guitar? They end up where the end up...
I don't think "tricks" like that work.
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I don't think you're quite getting that the saddles don't really have "fixed" positions. You move them around so the notes stay true all the way up the neck.
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