Hey guys,

first of all i wanna greet everybody, reading this thread, and i hope, i can get some help here in this forum. =)

Well, the title of this thread says nearly everything, i want to know by you, for the first time...
In some Tabs ( for example: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/s/static-x/so_ver2_tab.htm ) it says, that the tuning is "Drop C" or "Drop D" or something like that. And well, i found out that they tune their guitars in a different way, than i do, 'cause my one is tuned in E (Standard-Tuning, i think? never changed that ).
So what do i have to do, to play e.g. this song in the "correct" way? And how do i do that? Do i have to tune just the deepest string down on "d", or the highest one?

Hope you can help me and/or correct me, if i told something wrong.
To tune do drop D you tune your low E down to D.
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Well... only this one string?? (would sound very crazy, i guess)
What happens with the other 5 strings??
Tuning from low to high: CGCFAD

One of my favorite tunings. Try out Drop C#/Db while you're at it. Just tune to Drop C and raise all the strings a half step.
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"isnt everything tuned down 2 steps"

no, just the lowest string(E). all the other strings are only 1/2 step down
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Quote by Kopperhead91
to tune to drop C tune your low E string to D. then tune all the strings (including the D) a step down.

Ahhh okay:

So i tune down the low E by 2 steps, and the other strings by 1 step for C-Tuning?
And what do i do for a D-Tuning? E to D, and the other strings a half step down?
Drop D: Tune the low E down one step (Two half steps. Each half step is a fret apart I.E. 1 is a half step away from 2). This is overused in heavy metal guitar, but I have found use of it in softer, more melodic acoustic things.

Drop C: Tune to drop D, then tune ALL six strings down one full step.

If you have powertabs, it has a really easy dictionary for most of the tunings that are used including open tunings, and it helps for precision tuning if you're ear isn't perfect. I don't know why everyone doesn't use powertabs. It's free, and VERY useful. Google it.
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no, what you described shadow is DROP tuning NOT just c/d

d tuning would be standard e, only everything 2 steps down, hence d standard.

c, same thing 2 steps lower. standard c.

drop d, everything standard, with your low e down a full step to d.

drop c, like drop d only down 2 whole steps. so if you're in standard d, then switch to drop (low down to c) then you're in drop c.
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Ohhh... didnt know that there is a difference between Drop D/C and D-/C-Tuning! Thanks for the information!
So how do you play when in drop D or C tuning? do you still play a regular two finger power cord on the two low strings? or do you use different fingering...would really like to know. thanks.
Regular run of the mill Green Day power chords are barred when you play in drop D. However, power chords go way beyond just that same shape. Like Satriani's Mystical Potatoe Head Groove Thing. Power chords can be really innovative.
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when in drop d the powerchord you would usually play in move up a step on your low E
standard tuning
--------------------------- -------------------------------
--------------------------- -------------------------------
--------------------------- -------------------------------
--------------------------- -------------------------------
-------------4------------ ------------------4------------
-------------2------------ move to------------------4------------
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Like Satriani's Mystical Potatoe Head Groove Thing. Power chords can be really innovative.

w00t! Great song to listen to when you're landing in a plane...

Wind Cries Mary chord