Ok so my new AX has a matte finish, i supposedly have to use polish on it every time i play it so it doesnt stain, do i really have to polish it after everytime i play it?
I doubt it. I have never heard of a guitar of that high matenience.
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i have heard of that....the finger prints will become permanent and make certain spots of the guitar shiney which will look like crap
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well i do it to my guitar which doesnt even have a matte finish, so why not
is it a good guitar or expensive one? if its just a beginning one or just to **** around on, then who cares polish when you can
if its your main guitar and youre positive youll be playing it forever, then i would advise as to polish it everyday
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ooh nice guitar!
well id polish it once a day
if you play it more than once a day, id still polish at least once
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Hmm maybe not EVERYTIME you play, but to be safe maybe more then once a week.
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ok thanx, i'll be usin it thru 5 years, first gig in like 2 months

i'll polish it every other day

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