Hey, everyone

This is just a song I wrote and was thinking what you all thought of it???

Today you a flower that blooms
a ray of light
a spirit in the wind that is free

Today you are a drop of rain
a healer of pain
a dream which cannot be

Tomoorow you will be that which is not
deja vu
the one i forgot

Tomorrow you will be
a distant memory
until the day
your face again i'll see

To the star the light in heavens sky
i'll close my eyes and say goodbuy
remember i will
till the day to heaven i gracefully go

the answers i will never know
its at a place i will never go
the man with sorrow and pain
The stray dog in the rain
Good deep poetry. Probably too deep for me. Didn't understand the concept.lol
good job....i liked it....even though its not really my style, but i still like it...............it feels as though something is missing from it though.....im not sure what to put in...but great job!