Hey i was wanting to get a new guitar but don't know what to get. I play metal so i am considering a Jackson Or Ibanez. Guitar must have 24 frets and a floyd rose. but I just don't know what to get so any advice is appreciated.

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schecter C1 hellraiser with floyd rose.....i might be getting one tonight ahhaha
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I don't care if your price range is 350-400. You'd regret any Jackson in that price range, and same with Ibanez. Especially with a Floyd-Rose.

C-1 Hellraiser FR all the way. You might not be able to get it right now, but just wait. Really, patience here will save your ass from a bad guitar.(Ibanez and Jackson make some lousy low-end guitars, even if their high end stuff is awesome.)
Get the Mh-400 Esp. Its got Emgs, mahogany body, quilted maple top, see thru blue finish, st thru neck, and the liscenced floyd on it is one of the nicer ones you can get. you could find a used one on ebay for about your price range, or a new one if you saved a bit longer. If not, try any of the other 400 series guitars.