im intriguied about this FX...
primarily because i do not know its function...

what does it do anyway?

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The thing is basically a modular synthesizer modular converted into a stompbox.

Theres the voltage controlled filter, which is either controlled by the envelope filter in there (which of give your standard envelope filter type sounds).
But then you also have the sample on hold part of it, which is a bit wierder. It basically takes the value of something (like random noise in this case but you could take an osciallator and get some kind of repeating patters out of it too) at certain intervals, then holds that value for the entire interval. You can get some pretty neat kind of random sequeuncer type sounds (go check out the Zvex Ooh Wah in random mode for something that sounds kind of like it)

page of someones build of it along with sound clipos.
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