Hey everybody. I posted a goof-off song a few days ago and got great responses, so i figured i'd post the one i just recorded to see what everybody thought. It's still got a few problems to iron out but it's not too bad. Just leave a link and i'll get to yours.

Promises Are Nothing

Thanks in advance!
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Dude...what kind of crit was that? Gimme some feedback, bud..that's not worth a crit in return.
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There's a shoe floating down the street on a raft, how many pancakes does it take to cover the dog? None, ice cream doesn't have bones.

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lol at Matty22.

Anyway, not a bad song. Liked the spacey lead, although its a little loud in some places.
Vocals are pretty good, as are the lyrics. It all comes together well, good work.

Liked the emo scream at the end ("whyyyyy?") haha
Nice intro. My head is bopping. Nice and tight, great sound. No Vocals?. Its interesting, a tad repetitive tho, nice quality recording. It sounds like you put a lot of effort into it and it pays off. I wish there was a kick-ass solo in it, I think that would light it up. Top job man, really enjoyed it, just think about a solo.

Edit- alright i listened to the wrong one, ok Untitled 2. Good vocals but they go a little flat sometimes, I like the lyrics, Good job on that. Nice Scream you held it well. Good song, I enjoyed it!

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I liked it. All the instruments were great but I didn't love the vocals. It seemed like you or whoever does vocals wasn't really singing and was kind of talking. Other than that it was great.
has a pretty cool feel to it, but the signing doesnt sound like hes really trying to sing, cool effects with the whispering though and other vocal things. the guitar or the synth or wahtever it was was pretty cool nice and differnt. nothing to much standing out, but not too horrible, just work on the singing

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dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

I like the guitars, the effects you are using compliment it a bit. Not really my style of music but its good. Some suggestions:

Drums are a little low and I think its the drumming pattern it self, the snare hits sound not off time, but don't really compliment the guitar work. It sounds pretty dry, add some reverb on it man! :P

Vocals, also a little dry, good yes but dry. I like some of the distancing you are doing sounds pretty cool.
I liked the fuzzy intro and how the quality picks up as the drum comes in.

I don't really like the singing, but I think that's how all these kinds of songs are sung.

The lead is pretty cool in the beginning but it's kind of buried, turn it up a bit.

Nice delay and double (triple?) tracking of the voice in spots.

Overall, there's nothing much to change, it was a nice song.

vocals are good, but you sound a bit bored. love the guitar - very... textured? yeah, textured - they add a nice feel to the song. song reminds me of pillows and blankets. Your song is very comforting! I want to go to sleep - but not in a bad way. here comes the emotion - but it's a bit out of tune. if youre gonna belt it, you better get the note right because it's the loudest and longest note. great job, well done, pretty.

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Thanks for all the input everybody. I decided to take some advice and i re-did the vocals on this song and, in my opinion, it sounds better but i'd like to see what everybody else thinks. I didn't re-do any of the instrumentals yet, though, but i'm getting to it. Also, i came up with a crappy title...it's the first thing that came to my mind when i decided it needed a title, but it sounds kinda emo in my opinion, and i'm not really an emo type person. And yet i find that title to really be the truth anymore...oi vey, just let me know what you think and maybe give me a little input on the title as well. Thanks again, and don't forget to leave a link for me to crit you back on.
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Quote by crazydiamond73
There's a shoe floating down the street on a raft, how many pancakes does it take to cover the dog? None, ice cream doesn't have bones.

Bow to me.
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well to start, thank you for commenting on my song, it was very nice and i appreciate that.
Now when I cliked on this i was expecting the worst, first you tell me (crit my peice of crap), then i read how you just threw this together..
I want to say, that you really have no self confidence, I love this guitar and drums, its AWESOME mixing. Now your vocals could use a little work but overall you have a great tone, just work on pitch issues. I love the guitar, how did you do it? Seriously the effects are AMAZING
holy crap
this is awesome
can we collebearate sometime?
I love this.

this crit isnt good i know, im really not good at critting, but this is seriusly sweet. so i cant find anything wrong other than a little bit with the vocals good job.
I like I like. The vocals could be better in my opinion though. I just hate how whinny they sounds. They got better toward the end..so I know they could be better throughout. The guitar was really well mixed and the effects were awesome.
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Ahh, Ill crit the right one soon! I promise (I owe you for a great crit!)
well I like the intro, the tone is pretty cool, pretty catchy as well, everything seems very good so far, the vocals kinda of started of a little weak, but then It carried on well, the instruments are good, vocals are good. Not my kind of style, just something about the vocals they are good, but that voice sounds like every other voice, thats all I have to say about that, not to sound harsh but your Vocals do sound like everything else, well some parts do and some parts you have a unique-ness to your voice. But the music is good, once again not my style, but every thing is good, all flows well, such a quick song too... good nonetheless, keep it up.

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anybody wanna put anything here just let me know