I ordered a mighty mite maple pbass neck and ash pbass body off of ebay and they just recently arrived. For the price I am very happy with them.
I've run into a problem though. Grounding. There is no hole drilled on the body for the ground wire to go to the bridge. I knew this when I bought it but assumed that it wouldn't be that difficult to drill the hole myself. I don't have the right drill bit (its got to be very long). So I don't know what to do. Is there anyway of grounding my bass without running a wire to the bridge?

Ideally I'd like to get an emg-p pickup which doesn't require grounding but then I'd have to dish out another 100+ dollars and figure out where the battery would go (i don't think theres enough space in the cavity) and what would I do with the kent armstrong's I paid 70 for? (anyone want them?)

Anyone else build anything from mighty mite parts? I've got two more strat style guitars on their way.

You could route out a cavity that runs under the pickguard (if there is one) close enough to the bridge where you can drill the hole.

You might be able to get away with grounding it to something metallic that you screw into the body, like a piece of copper.