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oo very soulful intro, nice chord choice, actually excellent. wow this is excellent :-D, glad to not hear penatonic blues :-D kinda a bluesy, jazz feel. excellent note choice again. ooo i love the little delay there. was this improvised? i think you should thrown a type of theme in there, but pretty sweet n e way. oooooo ince nice nice build up, but you didnt release as well as i think you could have (at 2:40ish). maybe shoulda went into some fast stuff?

pretty sweet love, loved every second

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dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

hey when i go to crit your stuff it says something about an invalid link.. give me a pm with a different link and id be more than happy to crit
dude that was some good stuff, i liked the phrasing and everything. kinda gave it a little latiny feel with some of the playing. What scale were you using.
I really like the backing track. Your playing sounds really refined and alot like SRV and, as someone else mentioned, Steve Vai, which could be both a bad and good thing. You really do have some amazing licks though. It'd be nice to hear something more raw, if you get what I mean. My faviroute part is that huge bend around 2:44, that really made my spine tingle.
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hey dude how long have you been playin i listened to youur hendrix cover of castles made of sand....it was magnificent!!!! let me know dude!!

I like it a lot!
I also like the fact you strayed some from the minor pentatonic scale...Some "bluesmen" think they don't need to, but it makes the music so much more varied. I would make the tone a tad smoother, but its not a big issue, maybe you like it how it is. Great song!

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... ah, the bliss of ignorience!
This is very smooth. The beginning is awesome. Love your phrasing and licks. Maybe put some vibrato to the sustained notes. I also heard a few bad notes or some licks that sounded out of place, so concentrate on keeping your playing tight. What comes to mixing, I'd probably mix the lead guitar a bit more quiet. Sounds like a good backing, but the guitar overpowers it. Good job anyhow!

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sounds pretty kick ass dude..you had some really nice leads in there that i liked..nice warm tone to it too...keep it up