whenever i try to play songs in dadadd or bddddd by the goo goo dolls the b string always snaps. Anyone got any tips to avoid this happening. Should I buy an e string for the b from now on, if I do will it make any difference to the sound if in standard tuning? What gauge strings should I get?

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yup but a thinner e string, though i gotta say i use a really thick b string (.013 if i remember correctly) and it doesn't ever snap in standard tuning, i do know that when you tune a string i higher you should wait a little while, like tune to b, wait a little while, play on it, tune to C, play on it, wait a little while, tune to c#, play on it, wait a little while, repeat till you hit D, if you try to tune 3 steps sharp all at once the tension will break it for sure, you have o ease into it.