i've been playing for almost 2 years now and i used to have a crappy samick pice of ****t but i found a fender strat at a pawn shop and bought that.

I can play a few whole hendirx and zeppelin songs including solos, but other than that i play a bunch of riffs and licks.

I was wondering what guitar i should get next. I was thinking of maybe a les paul standard or something and iw as looking for some help so if anyone has any advice.
I say go for the LP. You already have a Strat, so having an LP could be good since they're 2 totally different guitars with different tones. The Strat is good for Hendrix, and LP is good for Zeppelin.
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Strats and LPs are pretty much fair game for any guitarist.

Just don't fall into the trap of thinking that getting a new guitar will radically change your overall playing ability or "sound". Playing ability will come with practice, regardless of what guitar you play (for the most part). "Sound" changes can be achieved with simply a pickup or string guage change.
i would say go to guitar center or some music store and play around on guitars- anything, other then fenders

that way you can get a different tone instead of the same thing