Hi. im in a band and want someone to explain to me what each player does within in the band, like the bassist, i thought they played something like the lead player does in a scale not the exact same note as the rymth guitarist. i also want to know if what im suppoesd to do (I play lead). As an example say the rythm is playin a A C D then do i play something starting on an A root note then C root note and then D root note? the drummer is fine he just stares at us while we argue about what were supposed to do.
haha...ur kidding...the lead guitarist plays all these different riffs and stuff the rhythm guitar really plays the same thing over and over to keep the rhythm and the bass does teh same thing but the music all has to be similar so it sounds good if your lead just keep fooling around till u got somethin that sounds good with that rhythm
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Play however you want. You might come up with an original setup, but usually, a rhythm guitarist would bash out chords or a simple riff, while the lead player would play something a bit more fancy.
Try to base your bass riffs around the rhythm guitar's root notes, but add more notes in for variation.
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