Our band are stuck for choices of songs and we wanna perform in september time.
Could ya help us choose a song? We are looking for a rock or a blues song. Can you write it out like this:

Song: Song title
Artist: Name of artist
Album: What album this song can be found on

Genre: Rock or blues

Difficulty out of 5: 0 = dead easy 2.5 = average 5 = insane

Why should we perform this song: The reason why we should play this song in september

Come on, there's millions of rock and blues songs out there. Can't you guys just pick a song you like listening to?
just pick some songs you like to listen to and some songs u think other ppl will like
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Song : Pride and Joy
Artist : Stevie Ray Vaughan
Album : dont know

Genre : Blues

Difficulty : around 3

Because its blues...and its SRV!
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i'm w/ yawn and ibanez bass, i'd just say pick a song everyone in your band knows, has heard and is fully capable of, nobody wants to pick a song where the bassist knows he can do it, the rhythm guitarist knows he can do it and then the lead player has to learn a blistering 64th note solo played at 120 bpm ala Batio or Malmsteen only to be frustrated all to hell by it