I've had a MacBook for a month or two now, and I've played around with GarageBand a lot, and I've created some pretty cool effects. I was just wondering if it were possible (and practical) to channel sound through a laptop at a live gig? This would be great, because live I would be able to create the closest replication to my recorded sound as possible. Also, I'm not sure if there are other programs that would maybe handle this better but that are possibly compatable with GarageBand and it's effects? Feedback would be awesome.
i know that you CAN, however i'm not terribly proficient at doing so, so i would recommend asking a techie at your local guitar center (or major outlet music store) what the best setup for this would be.... i know mounted effects racks are essentially specialized computers so i'm pretty sure you can use a mac/pc for the same effect, but you'll prolly need a REALLY good sound card if you want a decent live sound quality ,also remember playing live through a setup like this is going to sound different than the recording due to the amp type, settings like mid,bass and treble and the speaker sizem good luck!
Well, I usually run it from my amp INTO GarageBand, so the bass/mid/treble and tone of my amp are still used. Anyway, I'll do that, thanks!
i dont do it live, and i actually forgot to get another cable so i can run to my amp today, but i essentially do the same thing. i run my guitar straight into my computer and into fruity loops where i can use effects. im then thinking i could run it back out to my amp. that way you still get your amps speaker producing the sound. id actually put my computer in the effects loop of my amp if i did it as well. the only problem i see with it is that it would be hard to change mid song. its not like a stomp box, stepping on your laptop would be a bad idea!

so basicly yes you can do it, but im not sure of how practical it would be. especially if you need to change effects a lot, then it just might get tiresome to mess with a computer all night while playing.