hey. 2 questions.

would a cello sound bad with a drum beat behind it?

and also, wondering about keyboards/electric pianos etc. see im writing some songs atm, and i think about how i could use a keyboard/piano, but then i think 'the guitar could play that!' any ideas how a keyboard and a guitar could play different things together? sounds a bit newbish yeah...

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i don't think it would sound bad. it would depend on what you are playing. do you remember the show angel? well the intro song was a cello palying over a rock type song. it sounded pretty good i think.
There's a really cool band, i think it's called Apocolyptica, they're cello rockers, and yeah, they have drums, it doesn't sound bad at all

Also, the piano could comp chords while the giutar plays
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keyboard and guitar can create different textural effects, for one thing. for example, piano chords can be much more forceful than the lighter sound of a strummed acoustic guitar. or perhaps the smoother sound of jazzy guitar chords would be more appropriate in a given situation than the more percussive sound of piano strings. pick whichever one you think will give you a better sound in a certain song.