Okay, I know what distortion and overdrive are. Now isn't gain supposed to do the same thing? Give you more drive?

I had a old Peavey solid state practice amp a while back.. and it had a nob for distortion, and a "gain" nob. The gain acted as pure master volume and that's all. (I think the distortion nob was labeled "superstat" or something like that)

So is gain "volume" or "distortion/overdrive"?

My current amp doesn't even have a Gain nob.
Gain controls the preamp volume, master volume controls the power amp volume. If you turn your gain up your amp will be signifigantly louder, but it is genneraly used to control the overdrive.
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im pretty sure gain is the same as dist., mite be a solo boost on that amp.
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Gain in volume. The reason why gain some times gets associated with distortion/drive is because when you turn up the gain in the preamp the signal clips and starts to get distorted.

In recording equipment, the gain level is volume levels and too much gain causes distortion.
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well, technically, gain, distortion, overdrive, volume, are basically the same.

when you increase the signal strenght of a signal (basically more volume) comming from the guitar and it hits a diode, or tube, or what have you, it becomes to large for the diode or tube to handle, and it clips or compresses.

in some older amps, things were labeld as pre-gain, and post-gain. wich is basically the same as a volume for the pre-amp, and one for the power amp.

now the clipping and/or compression caused by the signal being to strong for the tube/diode to facilitate, is known as overdrive or distortion.

so an increase in volume and/or gain causes overdrive and/or distortion.
as far as the labeling on the knobs, master/volume is usually volume and controls the signal in the poweramp. and gain/drive/distortion/overdrive are usually how much compression/clipping there is in the pre-amp.
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