Alright, I'm looking into a Les Paul style guitar.. I was dead set on the Epi Customs for a while, then I heard there was better out there.

I was reading through something that lead me to Agile guitars. My budget is 600 dollars tops. I was thinking the Agile AL 3500 would be a good buy, how is it though?

I play a range of classic rock all the way to hard rock. (Includes punk rock, modern rock, pop rock, etc) The hardest I'm looking to go would be an Alter Bridge type sound.

Would this guitar be good for the money? I'm looking to get one on ebay for around 550 shipped. (Brand new from a dealer). I want nice pups too, are the stock ones good/decent? If they aren't I'll most likely upgrade them soon after purchasing the axe. :P
Les Paul styled for $600 or less;

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The Washburn isn't really a Les Paul shape, but it is similar. You can easily find them for $500-$600 new on Ebay.
Also, ESP makes some Les Paul shaped guitars, but I don't know their models. I know they have some for around $600 though.

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The 3500 is right up there with a Gibson LP Studio.

I totaly agree
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If you have $600 to spend I'd opt for the AL-3000 then upgrade the pickups. You'd still be under your price and get just what you want.
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Don't buy any over the 3000 or the 3100 models. It's better that you upgrade the pups yourself. The pups that come with these models are pretty decent enough though.

I bought a 3000 myself and put emg 81b-60n in it.
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I reccommend the AL-3500. I love mine. If you any questions about it, or wanna see more pictures or anything like that, PM me, and I'll respond. Here's mine.
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thats one hell'of a nice guitar....i want one...i have a les copy,but its a johnson,they are great guitar,cept my tuners suck on this thing...pickups on this do fine,no feedback at all,and it sound awesome...might wanna look at these kinda guitars too...
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well there are no more al 3500 in the online store, and I don't think they are putting any more of them up, so unless you want to take a road trip to New Jersey then you're out of luck.
Tokai Love Rock...its only available in Canada...im sure you can get it over ebay or w.e...its an amazing guitar...i couldve gotten it or an epi Lp standard...they were the same price...and the tokai had a solid mahogany body...so you can guess what i took...yea...id reccommend it...

The Japanese Love Rocks are great, the more available Korean ones are sketchy, and spendy too. For the price the Agile is still a better buy. However for around $700 you could get an Edwards shipped.
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