hey i wrote this when i was feeling pretty down on myself, then my gf was talking to me, and i made me feel better, made me think there might be sumthin there after all. . . so plz help me with it. . .crit 4 crit. . . i look forward to ur comments and tips

What Mirrors Do Not Show

Faith hope and love
Like an angel from above
Coming down to lift my soul
Her words give me the cure
And her touch makes me whole
The glass hangs on the wall
What happens when the mirror falls?
I shatter and my reflection?s gone
Come to me; show me it?s not been too long


She sees what mirrors do not show
All of this I cannot believe
I say no
Yet still she descends
Again and again
Floating down of beautiful wings in the rain
Hands reach out; again, her tough heals the pain
Through it all she sees what mirrors do not show

Reflections in the water
I see nothing
I can hear your voice
And I know something
Through your graceful melodic voice
I know something
What I cannot see is clear to some
Through the fog and into the night
Reflections show I?m alone
But you will come
You will come to my side to make wrong right


Without you I stare at glass
A void forgotten by the past
As I wait to fade, I can tell
With your love I can last
With you there is someone in the reflection
In the mirror I see a forgotten past
But you say there is something
That will make me last
Show me please though I know it isn?t so
Show me please what mirrors do not show


As in all and everything
There must be balance
Shades of black white and gray
I remain out of this balance
Out of order
I hold onto you and will not let go
You keep me from being nothing
You show me what mirrors do not show
Aww... this is sweet, really well written!

I have no idea what I would change, it feels very complete as is. I'd love to hear that set to music
holy mother of a cheese cake....i think this is the best song on this site so far! im serios! you needa get into some pro song wrighting stuff man! keep on keepin on!
hey, if you have music written for it....please PM me the tabs for it k? thanks
once again, great song....complete..dont change anything!
wow thanks ppl, i reele didn't think it was that good. . . and Goober "Holy mother of cheese cake". . . .love that lmao. . . thnx again everyone
man this is awesoem. no crits. i wish i could write this good.

mind ctritin mine you seem like you know what your writing.
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that's really good...now i need to check out your other stuff
thanks all of you
And My Soul From Out That Shadow That Lies Floating On The Floor, Shall Be Lifted. . . Nevermore.
The Raven -Edgar Allen Poe