Hi, I'm new, and I have a particular question about my wrist when playing.

I can play simple chords easily and not strain my wrist and my thumb usually peaks above the fret board. However, when I play barre chords, I find that I really strain my wrist and my thumb then scoots down to the middle of the back of the fret board to even lower. I read somewhere that straining like that can injure your wrist, and I really don't want that to happen. So, can someone tell me the correct way to position your thumb when you play barre chords, or even show me a picture that's on the net that can show me the correct way. Thanks for reading and thanks for the help.
that's the right way. don't worry about it.
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it may just be you, because thats how i make barre chords, and my wrist doesnt hurt.

they only thing i can think of is are you playing an acoustic? that could have something to do with it.
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Okay, thanks!! I didn't know if I was going it the right way or not, I was doing it the way some pictures showed me but I felt strain (it's not pain, but it's uncomfortable)...maybe I just have to get used to the feeling since I've haven't played barre chords for very long. Thanks again.
Yep, just have to get used to it, if it hurts...stop for a bit then pick up your guitar when the pain is gone.
I've been playing for years and if I play a few acustic songs full of barr chords my hand will start hurting. It really does ache a your wrist if you play a set of songs on an acustic using barr chords, assuming thats what you're playing on