Well i was wondering does B.C. Rich have good guitars? All I here is ppl bashing them but then Kerry King uses them. Are the more expensive one's good guitars or does he just have so many it doesnt matter?
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i'm pretty sure kk has a super custom model of his series, and doesn't actually us his series, which are cheaper then his personal guitar
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If your going to go BC Rich is high end or nothing. I've played low ends that are terrible and high ends that are pretty good. For the money you can get alot better though. I can't get over the shapes though. It's like my little cousin cut it out of construction paper.
the customs I would say are only beaten in quality by ESP, but everything else you can get the same quality for less.
custom shop models ($1.5k+) sound pretty damn good, but anything they make under $600 will sound like **** unless you get an older one.
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Im not plannin on gettin one. I was j/w i have been searchin for a fender mustang if anyone knows someone or somewhere that has one for sale PM me
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IMO kerry king isnt special..and BC riches are an earache they literally hurt when people play them...go with an ESP or Jackson
High end BC riches (platunim pro, NJ) are good, not great but good low end (bronze platinum) but yeah the bronze bodies made from agathis, NJ are mahogany, and the necks on bronze series feel very damp seems to be the only word to describe it lol (not it wasnt wet when i tried it) but if you want a BC rich, unless its high end get an LTD instead
They might look cool but if you want metal grab a Gibson Explorer, Flying V, SG or even a Les Paul and if you're still unhappy then you can put EMG's in.