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Not quite sure if there are many topics like this, but how much did YOUR guitar cost?

I mean I see a lot of topics where people want a cheap guitar and stuff, but about what is the average price for a decent acoustic guitar.

I'd always assumed around $200-$270, but how much is yours?
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I got mine for $25 at a flea market...
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i think he means for acoustic guitar ^
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Sex her, take the guitar, then sex her mom and have her walk in on you. Then, mom is happy, she doesn't want to be your friend anymore, and you keep the geetar. It's a win win for America!
1500$ stingray 5
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1300 american, seagull artist series portrait cw... 700 american seagull s6 cw gt, 500 american yamaha ll6 =)
Seagull S12+. paid $320 at the time.
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$0. But It costs $1000 of Musiciansfriend. Only raffle I ever won.
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I've got an ESP ax400. Sweet mother****ing looking too. Cost me 700 bucks.
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Which one? I have 34 guitars now... so the cost of them run through quite a broad range.
free...i got if for me birthday...

if i had to guess though, i would say around $120...

its an ibanez RG100 if someone wants to give me an estimate...decent condition
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The last guitar I bought cost me 60 quid off a street cart. It is solid brazilian but it's got a broken neck. When I get some time I'm actually going to fix it.
Not taking any online orders.
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Ive got 4.
Cordoba - 500
Yamaha - 300
Ibanez - 400
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i got my acustic for free from my grandfather....who is awesome btw. its a segovia and is i think 10 or more years old. has such a big, full tone i love it. the other segovias ive tried are like 100 bucks or so and they dont seem to sound as good as the one i have. i love that guitar.

oh and its really light comparred to other guitars. which is weird cuz its pretty big.
78(?) Ibanez Dreadnought. Got it for 300 at a pawn shop. I know it's worth more.

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bit under £ year half price sale :P
sounds better than most guitars around the £80 mark too. I like my guitar.
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first-250$ mebe....twas a gift
best- 3000$

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acoustic = £170 takamine g-series thingy
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I have 5:

Godin Acoustic- Gift ($350?)
Gibson Les Paul- $250 (huge sale)
Epiphone G-310- $350
Hamer Slammer- Gift ($250?)
Jay Turser JT-142 full hollow- Gift ($600?)
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Since this is the acoustic guitar forum, I'll keep to those....

My first guitar was a ****ty fender known affectionately as shod box...anywho, $210

My second acoustic was a Washburn EA20SDL Festival that I got scratch and dented for $400

My favorite one is an Alvarez MD90 that I got for $650 with a case.

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the takamine set me back around 700. but considering i've played it, its probably worth around 3500.

Simon & Patrick SP12, lefty - £309

Was meant to be £349 but there was a tiny, tiny little scratch on it
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