Hi, I was wondering if someone could give me some tips on sweeping. The problem is this: when I sweep pick 5 strings (15th fret 5th string, 14th fret 4th string, 12th fret 3rd string, 13th fret 2nd string and 12th fret 1st string) I need to move my index finger from 12th fret on 3rd string to 12th fret on 1st string, but when I do this, the 3rd string rings. And no matter how I try, one or two string ring when I remove a finger. Any tips on how to cancel those sounds out? thanks
well, thats a big stretch, if your starting out just do small stretches. also check the lesson on this site.
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What you want to do is roll your index finger down so it's only putting pressure on one string at a time, while muting the others out. If your just starting sweeping it's good to learn that early because less movement=faster playing obviously.
try to barre the fret with your finger and roll it to the fret. and check out the lesson with marc seal(its him right?)
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yeah i watched the video with marc seal, and its not the stretch that is the problem roll it down? it is allready just aplying pressure to one string at a time, but when i remove from one string, it rings, maybe i should just remove it this much that the string isnt pressed at all? and after this remove it completely and move it to the first string? (am i making sence?:P)
I've heard of two methods to cut down on unwanted ringing. You can get really good with releasing the strings just enough to mute the string (Un-fretting the note, but leaving your finger pressed against the string), or gliding your palm against the strings just after you've picked them. I just started learning to sweep after seeing the Marc Seal video and by using a combination of finger and palm muting I've cut out a lot of unwanted noise, particularly from the G string. Rolling your index finger over the 12th frets is unnessecary in this case.
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well, thats a big stretch, if your starting out just do small stretches. also check the lesson on this site.

haha, it's not even a stretch.

To the threadstarted, roll or palm mute. I just asked this question a little while ago, it sure takes awhile to get that rolling down.
ahh i see, thanks a lot, sure gonna be hard to just mute those string with palm though, i guess, dont really get what the rolling means but aww well ill give it a shot, thanks again
Marc Seal explains what rolling is in his video. Watch it again if you're still confused. Muting strings with your palm is surprisingly easy. Work on getting a good distance between your pick and your palm so that when you sweep the first string and move onto the second, your palm begins to mute the first string right before the second string rings. Unfortunately, Marc doesn't cover muting the strings in his video, but it becomes second nature once you get it down.