I was wondering whether I should get and Ibanez RG321MH or a Fender Mexican made stratocaster that would be upgraded with new pups including a humbucker and new tuners. I want to be able to play hard rock/metal without having to have 2 guitars but then being able to play some blues and classic rock. Stuff like Tool,A Perfect Circle, Metallica,SRV,Led Zepplin. PEACE!
Though the 321 is one of the better low end Ibanezes, that fender will have better parts and the single coils.

But wouldn't the total price of the Strat be twice as much if not more than the RG?
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why not just buy the Ibanez and upgrade? I'm pretty sure that the guitar itself is less than the Fender so you would be saving yourself some money.
i already have the fender but the upgrades would be almost as much as the ibanez. THe pickups i would put in a re a SD JB for the bridge a Lil 59 for neck and a trembucker for middle.
Don't put the lil 59 in the neck, if you had a humbucker in the neck might aswell just go for the ibanez. Instead get a hot single coil, you'll have a good bit of versatility and a good clean in the neck, singles usually are better in cleans than humbuckers because of their crystal clarity and openess. also why not get a mini jb for the bridge? it would require no pickguard mods.

Since you already own the Fender, go ahead and upgrade. Less strings and maintainence without the extra guitar.
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Apparently I'm on some list of people to listen to..?
I'd say stick with the fender, you will end up with a way better guitar
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