I've been reading a few of this DIY pedal threads and I was wondering if I needed to buy a certain type of board to have all the parts on. Any tips on how to build a pedal, Where to get parts, what kind I should build (I'm thinking a Fuzz is easy, right?) Any help would be appreciated.
thats my thread i started yesterday on the same thing. the fuzz call1800 linked to was a great place to start. i built it on a breadboard today and aside from being very simple, sounds good as well. you are supposed to build the pedal on perfboard, but im not sure how exactly (havent gotten there yet). for a first pedal, i would see what parts you can get from places near you (radio shack or hardware store). then once you decide if you like building, then go ahead and order parts online and stuff. good luck, its a great feeling to play through something you made.
^ well it looks to me like there is a perfboard layout on that website in your other thread. but since im just starting as well, im not 100% sure. but it looks like a perfboard layout in those links at the bottom.