Alright, I've no clue where to start - I'm active in a celtic folk metal project right now, and the bassist we had just dropped out of it entirely. I've been donated a Schecter C5 by a friend of mine, and I need an amplifier to suit the style now.

I do intend to keep playing bass (I might as well as long as I've got something to play with now) so I'm not necessarily looking for a cheap solution. However, right now my objective is only to play the bass lines that've already been composed, note for note, on a recording. Since it's folk metal, the bass in the background is low in the mix, mostly just following the flute and guitar lead, so I guess you can sort of imagine how that works out.

For price range - .. ahh..keep it below one grand (USD), few exceptions if there's an exceptionally good deal around there. I'd rather get a combo amplifier, rather than a head and a cab. I'm not going to be gigging with this amplifier, I already play several instruments for this project, so I'm praying that we'll find a perminent bassist before that time comes..

I very very greatly appreciate any suggestions, comments, etc. that you guys have to offer. Thanks.

Edit: I didn't have much elaboration there, so I'll be a little more blunt. I play strictly folk metal; not jazz, blues, etc, so I've really no desire for anything versatile in that sense.
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And if youre not gigging, dont bother with anything above 100w, you wont need it.
I take it you dont need too much power since you wont be gigging with the amp, yes?...In that case I'd keep the price range WAY below 1 grand, but thats just me...Anyways, what you need, IMO, is something with a good (fully adjustable) tone and that is reliable...Here are a few amps that come to mind:

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one word


And if youre not gigging, dont bother with anything above 100w, you wont need it.

I think he will need it, most amps that are under 100W are made out of low(er) quality components, which is not a good way to go if he cares at all about his bass tone/sound quality....
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http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ashdown-MAG-C410T300-Combo-Bass-Amp?sku=485034 this Ashdown is a nice combo not a stack and it is under 1000, this amp would suit you perfectly
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Lol, folk metal? Uh, ok.

Lets see here..folk metal amps...

-Ampeg B100R $550
-Line 6 LowDown 300 $600 (I've heard and read a lot of good things about this combo, especially about it's metal/rock capabilities)
-Fender Bassman 100 $350 (read great reviews about this in an MF catalog)
-Ashdown Mag 115C $400
-Fender Deluxe Active P-bass (60th anniversary)
-Peavey T-40 (1982)
-Hartke HA-3500
-Aguilar GS 2x12
-GK Backline 2x10
Thanks a lot for the recommendations guys - I'm on a tight schedule so I can't look at them all right now, but I appreciate it very much. I checked only this morning and saw my thread getting further and further down the list, worrying it would get no attention.

As for the price - I know I won't need anything big, but I have a very disposable budget since my work is paying for this, and the price is truly no concern. The only reason I'm asking for something smaller is because of space constraint, not because I know I can't afford something huge to gig with.

I hope that didn't have me come off a little conceited or pretentious, just trying to get some more diverse choices (Unless I already have them to look through. Once again - thanks for the help guys)
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Actually, as far as gigging goes, you could probably get a Gallien Kreuger either 700RB-II, 1001RB-II, or 400RBII (which go for $600, $750, $480 respectivley), and a cabinet. That would give you enough volume to gig, and an awsome recording amp.

I suggest pairing the 700RB-II up with an Avatar 2x12 Neo.

That would give you a very, very nice amp with plenty of volume at $920 USD. Get the 4 ohm cab (if you don't plan on adding two cabinets). If that is too expensive, get the 400RB. That will cost $800 for the amp and the cab.

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