I've been saving up for a few months now and finally have enough to get my Dual rectifier, the only problem is I don't have enough for the 4x12 cabinet yet. I want to know if I can use my Line6 spiderII 212 strictly as speakers for the Mesa until I have enough for the Cab. The line 6 has to speaker outputs for an extension cabinet I believe. Thanks for any advice.
it doesn't matter if it has speaker outputs it need inputs. And if you do use the Spider's crappy speaker, then really you won't get to know what the Dual actually sounds like. You wont hear the huge improvement that you should be hearing. See if you can make monthly payments for both the cab and head, although you do need a steady income. Do you have a job?
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Whats the cab and head OHM rating?
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Whats the cab and head OHM rating?

def check
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I realize that it won't be at full potential, but I'm just anxious to get the amp. I just looked at the back of the spider and it only has outputs, no inputs. I guess I'll just have to wait. Yes I have a job, but I also have a wife, two kids and a house so financing my amp isn't a likley occurance. I would rather save it up and pay cash, but thanks for the help funky P.
Well you could wire the speaker cables of the Spider to a jack and connect it to the amp using another speaker cable, make sure you match the impedances correctly. you'll be able to play through those speakers.
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the speakers have an 8 ohm impeadance, and if I recall that's what the boogie has. Wouldn't I have to wire both speakers together in one jack to make them both work???
Selection of 8 or 4 ohms for the cab (4X12). Same on the head ofcourse. Good choice there, bro.
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Get a used dual rec and a used cab. Who the **** buys new **** anyways.

What he said!
Used is where it's at.
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Ebay has cheap 4x12 Mesa cabs
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Get a used dual rec and a used cab. Who the **** buys new **** anyways.


Anyways, the back of the Rectos have five speaker outputs. two for 4 ohms, two for 8, and one for 16. You can safely mismatch impedance as long as it isnt too extreme.

You might as well get the thing now! Even though you wouldnt be hearing the true sound of the Dual...either way youre going to get it...might as well be now ya know. Youll be really amazed by how much a good cab will sound. I went from two Behringer cabs (which I still love by the way) to a Mesa cab and wow...the difference is incredible.

And a side note for when you do get it: Dont be disappointed with the way it sounds for the first few days. Take your time and learn how the EQ works. Ive had mine for awhile now and Im just now getting the sound I want from it. And dont listen when people try to tell you its a one-trick-pony...there is an endless array of sounds hidden in the beast...you just gotta find them!

ALSO! lol Remember that the Gain and the Treble controls are the most powerful on the EQ. And make SURE to mess around with the Presence knob...its also a very powerful control.

And PM me if you want to know more lol.
You will need to make an alteration to the Spider combo or you won't be able to properly run the Dual Recto into it. The Dual is outputting the fully amplified signal, ready to hit a speaker to make sound, and the Spider features no input port ready to handle that (though as you note, it does support the ability to hook up another speaker cab).

If you wish to utilize the Spider speakers.... As noted by many others, you essentially have to wire up a port that connects both speakers and runs at the impedance you match up with the amp head (important to match impedance to avoid damage to the head). You will also want to check the speaker ratings to make sure there combined RMS wattage is equal or greater to the amp's output (100 watts) or you run the possibility of blowing the speakers.

To avoid many hassles/issues/etc, you will probably find it most beneficial to just purchase a speaker cab for use.
you know if everyone buys used amps, eventually the prices of used rectos is going to increase and then everyone will just buy new ones......
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Are you dead set on the Dual cause you could always downgrade to the Single Rec and then you should be able to afford a cab
^They are.

the Singles and the Duals sound a lot different. Plus the Duals have a lot more features.

To CyberAlien: Even if the combined wattage of the speakers is under 100watts, he can always take out the two middle power tubes (leaving the outside ones in) to get 50watts.

Still, even running at 50watts...the Rectos have so much low end it would still probably distort the speakers...
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single rec is not alltube I thought.

technically no, it's using a silcon diode rectifier instead of a tube, but most people would still consider it tube since it's a tube preamp and poweramp.
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^ yeah. which is stupid.

Although...I do prefer my Recto set to 'Tube Rectifier' mode. The sound is a lot warmer, smoother...and loose...and i like that.
The single is all tube it just doesn't have the tube rctifiers. But most people prefer the silicon diodes anyways. I set my Dual to use the SS recto's when I'm playing a hevier song. The tubes are great for blues and most clean songs.
Many all tube amps have SS rectifiers. Now an "all tube" amp that is easily debatable as a hybrid, however, is something like the JCM900.