ok tell me things.
-how do i use scales to make songs, do i have to use only notes in that scale or can i stray off?
-what if i'm making a solo for a song that uses Emajor,dmajor, and gmajor chords, do i use notes from all of those scales, thats like every note
-my pickups come out through a hole in my guitar so if i want to change to a pickup thats bigger than the hole how do i do that.
please help with these questions, thanx
i dunno about the pickups, but about your song/solo-you can use whatever you want, seriously. many guitarists combine scales and tend not to stick to just one scale. certain genres of music tend to use different scales (i.e. blues-pentatonic), but again, there's no "right" way to do it. in the end i always say just play what sounds good.
generally the chords of a song all comply with some scale. for instance if what you said were in the key of G (G - Am - Bm - C - D - Em - F#dim) the E chord would be a minor chord. you would then use those notes as a scale. if you understand modes that opens up a whole new world of notes and scales. some use a scale for the chord structure, then use a mode of the root note for a solo. you don't have to use only those notes. using notes that are not in the scale can give a sense of tension in the song and add nice contrast.
if you want bigger pickups you are going to have to drill out your guitar body. I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself. most instrument shops will do it for you.
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yud have to use a jigsaw to cut the holes bigger for bigger pups

no you dont. ts what guitar is it that the pickups come from behind?