ok well i went bak to my age old quest to learn as much as possible of Pulling teeth by cliff burton (....metallica)

and i was reading over the tabs and 1 part i noticed wen i was listening to the song was he was tapping....

    T      T      T       T     T      T     T      T
  (e) e q e e q   q.     q.      q      q     q      e     e      q

----------------------------------------------|  Harm             +   +o
  T      T     T      T     T      T     T           T      T     T

wat do wit the frets that arent supposed to b tapped do i strum regularly?? or wat?? im confused...ahh ive never really dont much tapping b4 and im just confused on the reading the tabs..

or is the other tabs that are better?? cuz on the page i have open theres 2 different sets of tabs...wat 1s do i use??

o and the tabs are kinda weird...but watever
That seems like a pretty good tab. Alot of them are tapped harmonics. Basically you fret the first note and tap the fret bar of the note in the brackets to create a high pitched squeal, as opposed to tapping in the actual fret.
These take a fair bit of practice to get right, especially on a bass. Best way to tap them is with the middle finger on your right hand. And it helps if you got active pickups/electronics on your bass to pick up the sounds. A bit of distortion also helps.
ya i have distortion

so i play the first number regularly and in the parenthesis i tap wit my other hand

...im righty..so i would fret the 12 like u said and strum it regular....then use my rite hand and tap the fret bar.....the 1 b4 or after the number given?? (after meaning...closer to the pickups....b4 meaning, closer to the headstock)
I find the best way to do it is to fret the 12th fret in question, but don't strum, and with one fast strike of your right middle finger, hit the fret bar on 19th fret which is closest to the pickups.

It's quite hard to get at first. You need to hit it hard and precisely, and when you do it with squeal quite a bit, which is pretty damn cool. Just give it a bit of practice and you'll surely get it.
ooo ok.....so sort of hammer 12 (but wit no preceeding note being struck) sort of thing?
If my memory of the song serves me correctly, you don't actually wanna sound 12th fret. You'll only hear the one note which is the artificial harmonic you make when you tap.
ok...then how do i play both notes but have it as 1 sound?? play both at the exact same time?
Basically what you are doing is playing an artificial harmonic. It makes a similiar noise and works in a similiar way to a natural harmonic, but you want play them anywhere on the fret board.

As you probably know, natural harmonics occur on the 5th, 7th, 12th, 19th and 24th frets. What you are doing with a tapped artificial harmonic is basically that same thing, but you're changing the origin.

For instance, you'll get a harmonic on the 5th fret when the strings are open or not being fretted, but if you're fretting the 3rd fret it won't sound anymore. However, if you were to play a natural harmonic...or get someone else to do it for you...on the 8th fret whilst fretting the 3rd you'll get a harmonic.

Problem is you can't play a harmonic as you normally would if you're already fretting a note with your left hand...unless you got 3 hands of course.
So what you can do is tap the fretbar when the harmonic is being played. And if you pull it off it will make a sound like a natural harmonic, even though they can't normally be played on the 8th fret or whatever.

Starting to get the picture?
alittle.....so do i play 12 on the fretbar also than since its a harmonic???

...and do i play it simaltainiously...or do i fret 12 (witout making a noise...?? or with??) and then play the harmonic on the 19th?

sry..im new to this sort of thing (the whole tapping using tabs and harmonics..)
i found 1 of my Bass World Magazines and sure enough....theres a whole section about artificial harmonics and everything is explained and it shows tabs exactly like those in pulling teeth...

wish me luck..heh
OoOoOoOooo mind explaning it how they did?

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tomorrow i will...its getting late (its 3 AM..) and i got work tomorrow...so tomorrow nite around 11 ish...eastern time i will post it all that it says
you simply, with your left hand, fret the first number of each pair as if you were going to play it. DON'T PLAY IT! Simply keep your finger on the fret as usual. then, with your right hand, tap on the fretbar of the fret indicated in parenthesis.