I dont know if this is the right forum but i have a question about guitar pro.

I have guitar pro 5 and if you have it, you know it has the cool RSE function. Otherwise known as realistic sound engine. Basically this makes it not sound midish and lets you youse guitar pretsets for sound. So it sounds way better. So im in a band and i write some songs on guitar pro and i wrote a very cool one. How do i make it into a mp3 to send to my other band members, because they dont have the program.

I know you can go to export and choose midi and it makes a midi file that you can hear with windows media player or w/e. But now you now you get to the heart of the problem. It does not record the cool RSE function.

Is there anyway to get it to sound like how it does when you listen to it on guitar pro with RSE on?

That doesnt seem to work. I do the recording and everything get the wav file but then when i play it, it has no sound. The wav file doesnt play any sounds...

Do i need a mic or something or any other hardware for it to work?

Get the recording program Audio Record Wizard 3.99(just search for it on google) and download that..you can only get a trial for free but if your songs less then 3 minutes its not a problem, if it is, theres a way to get a crack for it. All you do is play the song in guitar pro and record it at the same time using ARwizard, it records from the soundcard on your computer so it picks it up very nicely, i do it all the time. PM if you need help gettin a crack for it or anything else.
I downloaded but i get same problem as before. The mp3 does not play anything. Its not picking up sound on the sound card. I dont know why. Do i have to do anything special to set it up?

Try goin into the options and making sure the recording device under the recording source section is put on "stereo mix" and that the recording volume is all the way up. If that doesnt work let me know, im tryin to think of what it could be
When i go to recording device there are only rwo options in the drop down. microphone and line in...

how old of a computer do u have, from what it sounds like it seems that your sound card either doesnt work or doesnt work correctly...their should be like 6 options to choose from, the options work directly off of the computers volume control, what you change in there is what you change for the whole computer, if your sound card works you should be able to record off guitar pro with audio record wizard, i really dont know what to tell ya. Sorry
Man that sucks. Its my laptop though and its pretty new.

try recording it while playing the gp...

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Yea that is how i have been trying. It does not want to record off soundcard. Only pysical way to record seems to be mic or linein