Do i need a perfboard or veroboard for a dallas arbiter fuzz face.
I posted this on another thread and noone answered plz. help me!!
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well i would think if you need a circuit then yeah you would need one of he 2. as to which one im not sure, cause i dont think ive ever used veroboard, so im not sure what that is exactly. but ive never seen the schemtaic for the fuzz you want to build so im not 100% sure about anything i just said. so...
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you can use either, i personally prefer veroboard but you can use perfboard, and many prefer perfboard. I haven't really searched for fuzz face layouts but i reckon that it would be a lot easier to find a perfboard one and perfboard is very very easy to use.
I prefer working with vero, but as sumoftwo said, either works.
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