what are some good ways to practice with the full blown distortion at low volumes. any ideas?
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You'll have to buy an attenuator. They pretty much trick the amp into thinking your pushing the amp like hell through a stack, but really, you aren't.
Most of the time those custom ones that are for sale on ebay are nothing but that....a homemade volume box with a basic circuit and one knob. All this will do is add another seperate volume onto the amount of post/pre gain you have set on the 6505. It won't help saturate your tone or push your tubes any more or any less than without it.
If I'm not wrong, the 6505 and 5150's have a pre lead and rythm that determines how much gain you want prior to it hitting the post rhythm. So you will be getting the gain at lower volumes. Though it does sound significantly different as you boost the post, at least on my 5150.

Actually I'm confused at what you're asking. Practicing with full blown distortion at low volumes? If you are actually "practicing", this would be a bad habit because you can't actually tell how accurately you are playing. Or if you mean seeing how it sounds with the pre lead and rhythm at 10 at different post volumes, do what I did with my 5150 combo: if you are playing late at night, play at a low volume for a few minutes, then crank it up to 5 for about 10 seconds, then cut the volume back. If you wake anyone up, they won't know wtf it was.
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