Well i dunno how long its been since i changed my strings.. but my guitars sounding... a bit dull i guess... and ive been thinking maybe im starting to notice the ****ty sound of it now... but would old strings have something to do with a duller sound?
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Yeah. I read somewhere to change them every month. I just change mine when one breaks because I'm poor.
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Yeah. I read somewhere to change them every month. I just change mine when one breaks because I'm poor.

hahaha, dude same here
yes. very much.
go with DRs
they last longer.
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I just changed the strings on both my guitars for the first time in like 3 months...I almost forgot what good sounded like.
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The interval of time between your string changes vary from person to person based on the tone you like, how much you play, how much money you have to spend, and how your sweaty sweat chemicals react with the metals. Damn super slinkies! They rust so bad for me.

But anyway...yes, old string will make the sound dull.
Well im in college, as a freshman at georgia tech...we are not allowed cars, so going down the street (I.E Down I-75/85) to get to the guitar store isnt doable unless I find someone with a car...

But my strings are nice and dull colored, but sound ok, but im gotta ride tomororw and im getting some more, im excited...

But unfortunately I have a floyd rose, and that takes so long to restring and tune ><

lol oh well i got not plans tomrorow, haha