I have to go to south america for two weeks, and I want to bring my acoustic to play with while im there. Is it safe to bring it with me in the airplane and such? Im afraid it might get lost or somthing.
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if it gets lost is because you are irresponsible....

No, I mean like during the transaction and such. Like it might get in the wroung plane or some one else might grab it or somthing. Does this happend often? Im sorry, I havent been on a plane since i was like 5 years old and I have no idea how it works.
I dont really have any idea..but I bet the crappier/poorer the country is, the more chance there is of your guitar getting mishandled.
You put a tag on the guitar case which states your contact information. If it does end up lost, they will find it at the other airport and contact the one you landed at. Usually if you lose something you will get some freebies for your trouble. My cousin lost his entire suitcase full of consoles and games and they gave him a lot of money off his next flight.

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