Ok... I know that there are tons of songs at my skill level and I can't find anything! Everything is either easier or harder, but nothing in the gray area. At the moment I am currently learning the Mechanix-Megadeth solo...slowly My question is...

Should I keep going for the Mechanix solo, which is past my skill level or should I keep on looking for a song in that gray area?

I'd say keep at it if you want to learn it. Something I do when I am stuck on a tough song is play something I know well and try and improve on it. By this I mean, even when I think I have the easy ones nailed, there is some part that I could work on.
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if something is too hard for you to learn,t ake it piece by piece and do it anywayz!

But if you feel like being challenged play some of hendirx's stuff, like little wing, that song gives me trouble, but your probably a lot better then me.

But metallica also has some fun stuff and solo's that definately would be good to learn
Iif you give us examples of songs that are easy and hard for you, im sure someone in this forum would be able to find a song thats your skill level for you.
I say you should continue with the solo, stretching your limits is the best way to improve your playing
I was actually amazed at how just letting the muscle memory sink in helped me. Yesterday, I could barely play first 5 seconds of the solo. Now it's getting easier. I think I'll learn the Sweating Bullets solo first though.
OMG i have the same problem!!! but with me its also that i cant settle on learning one song, i do lots of little bits depending on what mood im in!!! so i can play like lil bits of chilis (once got on pretty well with under the bridge! lol) snow patrol, damien rice - the odd tiny bit of jeff buckley because for me thats just insanely hard!!!

any recommendations for what i could learn as my first song that i could play the whole of??? im thinking if someone gives me a kick up the arse then i might actually learn something!!!
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ya learn it its always good to push yourself...ive been doing it for the last 2 weeks (ive problyu played 30 or 40 hours if not more) and ive almost double my skills..when they say practice to get better they aint kidding so ya work on that and move on to something else just out of ur skill level
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