OK i recently was recommended this by UG users for my Jackson DK2. Will this unit allow me to switch tunings easily or anything...like right now my floyd is set up for drop D (dadgbe). I would like it to be capable of drop c (cgcfad)...what are the benfits of the tremol-no? Ive read some on the site...do any ugers use one? heres link: http://tremol-no.com/default.asp
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Fall Out Boy is a great band...their music is more real than the ****ING **** metal bands that are out there. they sing about real things, for real people...there arent many bands that can connect like they do.

theres not as meny bands that can lip synch as well either
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Check out the video section.
They have a very detailed video where they demostrate and explain all the wonderful features.

When I get a guitar with a Tremelo, I'm definately getting this little beast.


that was pretty cool.

but ive always thought those john petrucci ibanez's looked stupid.
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learn some green day. they are totally brutal.
Tremolno is my next buy, I hope i'll like it ... don't think you can go much wrong with it though, you don't have to drill new holes or anything ... and it's only like 60 bucks so ... you're safe with trying!
k maybe ill go with it...but im still unknowing of how to change strings and **** with ym floyd, have to look that up first lol...