Ok so I've been trying to write a punk-type song lately and I came up w/ these lyrics earlier today and ripped off a bunch of my former ideas and made what I have here now. This powertab is written for the lenghth of the song its over five minutes I think, so if you have that much time to spare I'd be much obliged if you listed to it and gave me your thoughts.
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I just did the powertab, didn't read the lyrics. The song is ok, with some parts in it that don't fit/sound awful, like the lead during the chorus and the first part of the break. Other than that, you have some pretty cool solid riffs. Be careful with the repetition though. Overall I think you have a solid song that could be great with a little bit more revising...

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i really liked it myself... the beginning of the break sounded weird, but the harmonized part was really good, also the part after the third verse sounds weird too, but im assuming with vocals i woudlnt even notice it, but great riffs regardless

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not really my type of thing,
but i actually liked it!

you should maybe think about
changing the beginning of the break though...
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hey thanks guys, I know that part sounds weird it's supposed to. The whole song is in E major and for that part I shifted into C# Minor (same thing essentially) But yeah that part of the song is supposed to have a weird feel to it, I'm actually glad you said it did haha.
So yeah, thanks for the criticism guys I'll look for yalls latest songs and try to crit them.
the song itself was nice but the lyrics (verse) just sound way too similiar to Simple Plan's worst day ever or some other song by them. Just change some of the verse.
Well besides for the weird bridge and a few odd bends in chorus and verse I think you?ve got a good song hear. Its seem rather repetitive in spots though but I'll assume that with the lyrics that problem will go away. The lyrics them self seem good better than I could do that?s for sure. But when reading them it seemed like the second line of the chorus didn?t fit but perhaps that depends on
how you sing them.

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i liked the verse, and the break was alright, a little quirky none the less, lol, but i bet it sounds a lot better live and with the lyrics, powertabs tend to do that, lol, good song!