I saw her beauty from a distant land
Wondering what it takes to make her my own
I caught her name and it was all over
From there on in, my fate was done

She said run
Before I break u down
Turn away and never return
Run before I let u down
Forget about me, and my name

I didn?t listen 2 a word that she said
I watched her mouth as the words came out
But I was blinded by my loneliness
So I didn?t hear when she said

She said run
Before I break u down
Turn away and never return
Run before I let u down
Forget about me, and my name

That is pretty cool. I like how it structured around a bass and treble string type of finger picking. I favor that style for a lot of stuff myself. Not sure if it has a specific name? The vocals are cool too btw.
Loved it dude. You write good music. And if that's you singing you do it well.
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Thx for the compliments guys.

From memory the fingerpicking style is travis fingerpicking or something along those lines? And yeh i was trying to give it a dust in the wind/coldplay feel...the problem was recording the vocal layers on my laptop which can lag sometimes :|

Cheers again.
It's bin a while since i posted this song - almost a year to be exact. However, i managed to get a better recording down with my mate adding another acoustic layer.

The link is http://www.myspace.com/quasimusic and your more than welcome to have a look at our other songs.

Any comments welcome
great song! just wondering, when you record, where do you place your mic? I love that bassy sound you have.
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Its one of them headphone mic's, the ones people use to talk and play online games and so on - basically a $40(AU) pair from a games shop. So i strap it to my knee and face the mic up so its just a few cm's from the guitar strings for the guitar bits then record the vocal layers separately.

Thanks for the comment!
Ok listening now..

mmm nice and warm acoustic tone there. Vocals are great. Harmonies are spot on, recording is clean. Are you playing on a classical? Props to you. I really do like the melody you have here.

Can you crit mine please?? It's also acoustic.. in my sig.

Yeh i only have a classical - i really should look into buying a new Gtar

I really dug your music mate, great voice..the quality is grrreeeat..what did you use to record? Maybe one or two additional vocal layers would add to the songs?..i duno..im a fan of harmonies so i have a biased opinion