Ok, so im looking for a hollowbody, mostly for jazz, and maybe occasionally something slightly heavier, i have other guitars to go heavy for me, but i was wondering, who do i go for? Washburn J5? Relativley cheap, but any good? im trying to steer away from ibanez as i have 3 already but the Artcores? Or should i ignore all that ****, save up and buy a Gretsch? But then White/Black Falcon, Country Club, Or Country Classic? (I dont mind spending up $5000 AUD) especially for the gretsch, unless of course im adivsed otherwise, So Some Help please?

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i have an Ibanez AS73.

very nice guitar and i got if for about 320 USD.
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Grestch makes mazing guitars, also look into a gibson es-335 those sound badass too.
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