Joe satriani stuff?
I startd learnign surfing with the alien, i'm on page 6 of 21, its been pretty do able for me so far, i just had to practice a bit and now i can get the forst 6 pages done pretty easily.

What surprises me is that i've been playing for 9 monthes and i usually have trouble with this sort of stuf so i wanted to ask if you guys found satch easy or hard.
Hard as hell, but sometimes tabs can be alot harder than someone showing you.

That song would be heard to remember I think, unless you played it *alot* and got it really into your head.
Its not the most difficult thing ive played, but its very hard to remmeber how to do it. Thats actually a pretty good song to help with technique actually.
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obviously you know satch is a god in these forums.. this is post to me seems like usless banter and an excuse to brag that you are learning Surfing with the Alien easily.. it doesnt matter how easy or hard something is to learn.. everyone has different levels of learning and obviously (rolls eyes) you catch on very quickly.. one could almost call you a prodigy or a virtuoso but that would be an understatment now wouldnt it..
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yeah, i found its good with that technique, first tapping song and first song with pinch harmonics that i've done lol, I'll hopefully not give up on it lol
Learn the whole album of Al Di Meola's "Elegant Gypsy" then any Satch song will be like taking a walk on the beach