well, its not a problem as such, more a query.

i recently bought a marshall AVT 275 and, although the clean sounds are great, have problems with the other channels

the acoustic simulator is so quiet its not even worth having. trust me its about a quarter as loud as the other channels.

the two overdrive channels are really un harsh. i know that doesn't sound particularly desirable but when i turn up the gain it just sounds noisy, rather than gainy. it sounds like i have either really thin strings or am downtuned really far. when i run my guitar through a distortion pedal (marshall jackhammer) into it, it almost solves the problem, as the pedal is really bitey.

so, can i make the acoustic sim any louder? and can i make the overdrive channels any 'bitier'?
i dont know what you can do except use pedals. an all-tube amp would be easier to modify but with ss youre kinda stuck.
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i just turn the presence all the way up. As for the acoustic sim, theres not much you can do since they substitued the gain control on it for a top end. Maybe just try raising your pups? I odn't have much problems with the volume since my pups are active and come with a booster. Sorry i don't know what else you could do
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The main problem you have is you actually have and AVT, no really.

There are so many flaws in it.

The cleans and acoustic channels are far too quiet, sell for as much as you can get and but a small 1x12 tube combo. NOW!