My friend has no internet but a question
he's a big fan on blink 182 an want's a tone like tom delonge
my question is...how can he receive such a sound?
he play's a crate 120 watts transistor amp and a epi sg
he especially enjoy's the sound of the carousel solo
Hold my breath
as I wish for death
Oh please god wake me
bridge pup on, tons of distortion and nothing else.
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back there he had those sounds...
all I seen was he's playing an mesa boogie lonestare head and a marshall stack...but it's js the tone...
Hold my breath
as I wish for death
Oh please god wake me
He also had a seymour duncan humbucker in his strat at that point in time.
My band did a cover od Down (we all picked a song, that was my drummers) and for distortion I put the bass and mids at noon and treble at about 1-2 o'clock. For cleans, I cut the bass to about 8-9 o'clock and had the mids around 3 o'clock and treble around 4 o'clock. This is all from memory so I don't know how close it will be.
You could always buy his custom Strat, if that's your idea of a good buy. It's got one pickup, a Seymour Duncan, in the bridge, and no tone controls apart from Master Volume, and he plugs his guyitars straight into the amp, no effects. I don't know why I know so much about this guy's setup, I hate the band!
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Heylo! Right... Well! Where to Start... lol

I Am a huge fan on the bilnk 182 side of things too and when i started to play guitar i tried my hardest to match toms Sound, i forcked out for a Strat and that i got myself the same Seymore Duncan and now Dirty Fingers. for a start if u have a Seymore duncan or a Dirty Finger Pick up you dont need to worry too much about the bass on the amp as these both have High bass output!

On my Marshall HDFX100 i have the settings as follows - Clean - Gain - 8 Bass - 2 Treble - 7 Middle - 6. Distrotion Gain - 5 Bass - 1 Middle - 5 Treble - 8 And Contour - 5.

Hope this helps Dude. thats the best Tom Delonge Sound i have got out of my amp it sounds sweet