I've got some huge fret buzz on the first 5 frets of my bass.

I tried adjusting the truss rod but it's extremely stiff. I didn't want to force it too much incase I broke something. It really didn't feel like it was going to move with out snapping something.

I know I could have a go re-adjusting the action. But it's a problem to do with the truss rod as the strings are far to near at the low end, but at the high end the distance is ok.

I've got a Yamaha RBX170 Bass if it makes any difference.

Is there anything I can do?
If I were you I'd take it into a music shop. I've always found my truss rod easy to adjust personally, there may be some variation with guitars but it shouldn't need to come to forcing it.
The action is often a little lower on the first frets, but if it really is too low then it may also be a nut problem, not truss rod. Best to get someone to ltake a look at it.
The strings are too near at the low end... So... Dont you want to loosen the trussrod (counter clockwise)?

Or am I being retarded...? God... Yeah, truss rod pulls against the strings to straighten the neck. It sounds like your tightening it.

You know what nevermind dont listen to me. It's just generally a bad idear. Take it to someone.

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