Our band consists of 5 members: 1 bass/vocals, 1 rhythm gtr, 1 "Pedal" Gtr, 1 Lead Gtr (that's me!!!), and 1 drummer.
you have a pedal stell in your band. that just sounds strange to me
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I agree the style determines the number - Blues- 3-4, classic rock- 4-5, etc...
no we named it pedal guitar bcoz he (my friend) just like plays riff throughout our composed songs. we even thought him to be the lead and i will quit but they said they need me ;p
Isn't 8 quite a lot for a metal band?

i'm struggling to think of any band with 8 people (i might just be ignorant)

You need at least 4 i think to get a rhythm and lead at the same time (i know a lot of punk bands have only 3 but they tend to layer sound on albums and have extra people on stage)

I think best is 5... that way you can have a singer a bassist lead rhythm and drums. occaisionaly a keyboard player works well too.

Also i think jazz can have more people like 2 sax's a bass 2 guitars a trombone and a keyboard and drums.

IMO more people = better sound but harder to keep together beacuse of artistic directions etc. so it just tends to sound muddled

What is a "PEDAL" guitar by the way?
Singer, 2 guitarists, drummer and bassist

if guitarist can sing, then remove singer.

so 4 or 5
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Isn't 8 quite a lot for a metal band?

i'm struggling to think of any band with 8 people

Godspeed You! Black Emperor are not a metal band (symphonic post-rock) and have also got a bunch of members

The Mars Volta

The Allman Brothers Band

Jefferson Airplane I think, not sure

Sly and the Family Stone too

Slipknot have got 9, I'd say the worst offender for "too many ****ing bad members" (percusionists, DJs, etc...)

there is no "best" number of members, as there has been great music created by 2 people and great music created by 8 people. It all depends on how good those members are and how they work together.