hey i was wondering if anyone could give me an explanation on effects pedals, i i dont really understand them and i wouldnt even know where to start it i wanted to purchase one, i know like in the seize the day solo he uses an octave pedal, but how do you know which pedal to buy there is like a million of them, what is a good pedal to purchase for me, btw i play mostly metal music
ESP LTD EC-1000 Deluxe
basically a pedal alters the sound output of the guitar before it reaches the amp. A ditortion pedal distorts sound. an octave pedal changes it on octave down (i think).

Most pedals do exactly what they say on the tin (or box/case). a distortion pedal distorts etc. Some you just have to try (all wah-wah's sound similar put they're hard to describe)

For a first dabble in effects i would reccomend either getting an amp with many effects built in or a multi effects board... Pedlas can often be quite expensive a single chorus can cost £100 so for that reason a multi effect will allow you to see what sound you like (even though it kills tone) as you'll probably only ever get 2-5 pedals as that's all you'll need and you don' want to blow £100 on a pedal you don't like