i contribute most of the music bcoz, u know, a lead gtrist.
i also contribute (all of us perhaps) on songwritings...
I write all the lead, rhythm and bass guitar parts, aswell as the lyrics for our songs. Like Haz_UK, I also get the drinks but only because I don't trust anyone else to carry them.
I'm the drummer.

But, well my band hasen't wrote much, but we plan to all have a hand in everything we write.

But I have wrote an intro and outro for the guitar.
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we all do bits of song writing, but i also play teh funky bassorz
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I usually come up with the basic riffs and structural ideas, show it to the other band members, and they tell me what they think of it. Sometimes certain riffs have to be changed, sometimes we keep 'em the same. Then each member writes up their own instrument part based on the guidelines my riffs/structures provide.
Then if we want to write lyrics, it's usually a hectic group effort. None of us are very good at lyrics.
So basically, they rely on me to come up with the basic ideas, and they work from there. Everything turns out pretty good though, and if that's the way they like to do it that's the way we'll keep doing it, I guess.
lyrics,lead guitarist,and official bitcher(i yell alot cuz my bass player only plays the doors, my drummer tries to do to many fills and puts us off beat and the rythem guitarist....well he just sucks ....i havent had any problems with the lead singer yet though
i'm the only one has a decent understanding of theory (and melody in general) so i usually write the songs...i always write the solos (some are improvised) and i have to tell the other guitarist what notes to play to make a harmonized riff...i write most of the lyrics because the singer has no sense of poetry or any sort of structure in his words, not to mention they're mediocre...
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I pretty much write the guitar/bass/keyboard parts, then I get my half-assed drummer to make a beat for it.
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I write most of the songs and I help fix the songs and other peoples parts to make them sound better.
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So far I have written all of the songs front to back, sing and lead Guitar its hard but I love it my way.

(and they don?t seem to want to)
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i make up almost all of the lead parts, backing vocals, write some of the rythm parts. I also do most of the booking and talking inbetween songs.
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i contribute most of the music bcoz, u know, a lead gtrist.
i also contribute (all of us perhaps) on songwritings...

You sound too big-headed. Deflate it because you are probably the least important member.

We all contribute equally because to perform, we rely on each other. Therefore i contribute 25% (a four-piece thrash metal band). I also probably contribute 40 - 50% of songwriting guitar-wise.
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I do my best to keep my drumming creative, original, tasteful, and fitting. I also have much better stage presence than most drummers. I think my band would have a hard time finding a good replacement.
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i write the lyrics and do the vocals...the guitar player and bassist write the music..our drummer doesnt write his own beats so we kinda all give him ideas in which direction we gonna go with it.
I write pretty much all of our songs, and me and the drummer both write the lyrics. Sometimes if I don't know where to take a riff I'll ask the drummer what he thinks, since he could also be a rhythm guitarist, and then take it from there.
I write everything but sometimes my drummer writes like a song every now and then. I play lead/Rhythm guitar, I'm the lead singer and I often play keyboards. It's good to try to be as much as you can be...a leader and nothing but. No one cares about some guy off in the corner who just plays guitar (unless they're good, and how many of them do you know?)
I usually write the main riffs/chord progressions and the fills, as well as the beginning of the lyrics, which are then hashed out by the whole band in a room with dimmed lights, incense and chamomile tea. It's quite a lovely process, and it seems to work all right for us.