I'm looking into buying a new guitar. Always have wanted a Gibson single cut Junior. Thanks to previous threads I'm looking into a Epiphone 57' Junior Re-Issue. I love the sound of P-90's and their versatility. I play some country, and was wondering from those with experience if a P-100 humbucker can acheive any twang at all, or will I be dissapointed and better off spending more money for a Gibson with a P-90. My main guitar is an Epiphone Les Paul Studio, and am also wondering if the P-100 sound will be closer to those pickups or a single coil, or anywhere in between.

Please help, I live in the sticks and can't rush off to the nearest Guitar Center (1 1/2 hours away and $3.00 gas) to play one for myself. I don't think they even have one at the closest one anyways so I'll have to rely on Internet sales.
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yeh petrol/gas is killing the wallet nowadays aye. p-100 is just like a p-90 but without the hum and im probably sure there is some tone lost but nothing a good eq and amp cant fix.
I say go for it. I played one, was close to buying it, but decided to save up for a nice Marshall. The cool thing is, if you dont like the P-100, ebay it and buy a real P-90, because they are the same size so it should fit just fine.
^He has a great point. For the price of the '57 reissue, you could go and buy a REALLY nice p-90 with it and just replace the P-100 if you don't like it. That's what I'll do with mine if I don't like the P-100 when I get it.

Also, even if you buy a REALLY nice P-90 and a good flight case for the guitar, you'll STILL be well under the $750 the Gibson LP Junior costs.
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