I know this is kind of irrelevant *begs for mercy*, but i'm in a need of microphone for digital vocals recording onto my pc. I'm kind of amateur, our band isnt proffesional, we're more like writing songs in free time etc (but we're not bad ).

I went to an electronics shop, and saw a sony and a philips karaoke mics for around 20$. then i went to a music store and they had some mics (which the guy in the shop said was ideal for vocals and drums, although i have never heard this brands before). the brands of the mic were the T.bone mb45 & mb55 (comes with a clamp and wire), both costing in the range of 20- 25$.

so the question is, is a karaoke mic bad for beginning? should i buy the brands i could trust (philips and sony) or try expermineting with cheaper mics that are intended for my use (but i dont want it to break ), so what should i choose?

oh yeha, dont call me cheap, i just dont feel like spending 100$ on some mic i cant really make use of (yet).
I know you don't want to spend too much, but from experience, mics are one of those things where you really DO get what you pay for. Generally, most mics in the $20 range are going to be similar, and they'll get better depending on how much you more pay for them.

My first mic was $40 from RadioShack. It was a direct 1/4' so I didn't have to buy an XLR or any kind of adapter for home-computer recording, which again will limit the sound quality but does make it easier for a beginner. Another downside of this was that the cord could not be disconnected, which means if I ever had a short in the cord, I'd have to either solder it or buy a whole new mic. (Fortunately this never happened to me)
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like said. most $20 mics are about the same quality wise.
make sure also pick up a 1/8" adapter if ur going into a small computer input hole.

when u decide to spend a little more check out SHURE mics.

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What are you looking to record?
I actually got a fantastic 25 dollar Karaoke mic once...but in general yeah, you need spend some more. You can get a used SM57 or SM58 for around 35-50 bucks used if you look around.
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