Basically as it says above, which would be a better metal amp, i have a multi fx and crappy strat copy, either the vox AD30VT or the roland cube 30? Thanks
ive been told the roland is excellent for metal
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Roland, it does everything well
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ive got the cube, it's awesome for metal, the rfier model is great for metallica and higher distortion, the peavey model kina feels unresponsive to me and a bit mudded in but apparently that's kina wat the peavey sounds like in direct comparison to the Rfier.
Roland all the way.
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i have the vox 30 watt. it does everything from clean to metal. the "nu-metal" and "UK 80s" give good heavy metal sounds. but i have not tried the roland cube so i can't compare and say which is betterr for metal. but as far as i know the vox will do any degree of metal.
For metal clearly the roland, it does metal better

but i would suggest a roland cube 60 if you have to money, it gives you more headroom in the future if your going to be gigging or jamming with friends, if your planning on doing that in the future